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A simplified calculation for 14inch cctv lens can be made using the following formula. Providing very large images, this type of throw is usually from projectors that. Enjoy firstclass image quality from our range of simulation laser projectors. The focal length refers to the distance between the sensor and lens aperture, and determines how wide or narrow your angle of view is.

Long throw zoom lens projector accessories accessories. The field of view calculator or fov is used to help predetermine proper lens selection prior to installation. Projectiondesign model zero five mkii should get your image size. Find your screen size and throw distance with the projection calculator classic by following these 2 easy steps or try the projection calculator pro and get recommended screen sizes, throw distances, room lighting, screen brightness, seating and projector placement based on your application. When its time to install your projector, start with necs image calculator. Select the model, screen size and aspect ratio, and. The actual working of this software is based on the same fundamental principles as the previous simple tools, but with the cctv lens calculator not only can you calculate the viewing area or focal length, but also see the actual field of view in a horizontal and vertical projections, put test persons, test objects and walls and immediately get. A powerful tool to help you determine the cinema projector, lamp and lens combination that works best for your theatre. Epsons long throw zoom lens elpll06 is an interchangeable lens that works with the powerlite pro g series projectors. Projector lens throw distance calculator enlightened. That is, the fixed lens images a scene with constant. Please note and apply any limitations which display directly below the calculations for any lens. Epsons webbased distance calculator tool helps you determine where to mount your projector. In projector lens calculations, everything is proportional.

Epson projectors lead the market with their innovative technology, high quality images and outstanding performance. Use our projector calculator to determine throw distance and optimal screen sized based on your projector. See instantly how projected image size and position vary, depending on parameters including choice of lens, screen size, aspect ratio, shift range and floor or ceiling. Canon projector throw distance calculator download. For projectors featuring lens shift, adjusting one axis will reduce the available percentage of the opposite axis. Latest qioptiq catalog lens list for the gaussian beam mode lens suggestions. Short throw projectors tend to be more expensive because. Its a long throw and i know that we need a longthrow lens i really dont know much about these, just what a technician told us that looked at our setup. For example the throw ratio of the aforementioned standard zoom lens is 1. Available lenses for f22 1080 ultra wide high brightness. Projector throw calculator for installers sony professional. The calculated values may vary depending on usage and ambient conditions.

Align content across multiple 3dlp projectors in a fraction of the time it takes to achieve the same results manually. Use our viewing distance calculator to figure out the optimal seating distance for your audience based on the projector screen size you are. Use our screen size calculator to determine the viewable area of a screen based on any 1 dimension. It enables easy calculation of an appropriate lens focal length, camera viewing angle, ip camera bandwith, storage capacity for records archiving and of other camera system parameters. Throw distance is calculated from the projector lens to the screen. Source four flash file here is a great tool to help you discover which of the nine source four fieldangle options is the best choice for your situation. Due to lens tolerances the results of calculated values may be different from measured values. Verticalhorizontal shift cannot be shifted to its max at the same time. A short throw projector is a projector with a lens that has a throw ratio of 0. It is possible to calculate projection distance and screen size by moving the onscreen projector, or entering numeric values. To the right of the lens is water refractive index 1. Lens limitations this tool performs a simple calculation for each lens. In our example above we show we needed a throw ratio of 1. This is an important consideration when it comes to projector installation as it determines whether or not you have enough room to install your projector with the desired screen size, and if your image will.

A typical short throw projector has a throw ratio of about. All are versatile, discreet and reliable and you will find one perfect for every environmentfrom museums, planetariums and visitor attractions through to simulation applications. Field of view depends on a number of factors such as the sensor format, the focal length of a lens, and the distance from the objects. A projectors throw distance is the distance between the projector and the image on the screen i.

The calculated values of this simulator are approximate values and do not guarantee the performance of the projector. Understanding projector lenses technologies for worship. Use our online thermal camera and lens calculator to find the best camera and lens combination for your thermal infrared application andor field. How to calculate throw distance for projector using sharp lens selector.

Lens calculation screen size vs throw distance the throw distance is the distance measured from the front of the projector to the screen. End users, please check with your dealer before making any final decisions. From lowtrim, shortthrow situations to backofthetheater positions, this photometric utility helps you judge your source four needs. The vivitek lens calculator is a convenient tool for estimation only. These projectors are ideal for rear screen applications where the area behind the screen is limited, or for a wall mounted application where the projector will be mounted within 1 or 2 feet from the screen. Some lenses may not achieve the minimum or maximum image size listed for this projector, despite the fact that the calculator returns a value. Lens calculator calculate field of view, focal length or object distance by providing the other two properties. Ccd camera you can work out the lens required using this simple method. Cctv security camera lens calculator and view simulator.

The calculation result is from the lens center of projector. That will definitely work for the majority of houses. Most cctv applications use a fixedfocallength lens, which, like your eyes lens, covers a constant angular field of view. A converging beam of light is incident upon the lens directed toward a virtual object o that is 60 cm from the lens. The function of the camera lens is to collect light reflected from the scene and focus it into an image onto the cctv camera sensor. Projection calculator classic throw distance and screen size. All rays of light inciding in parallel intersect in this point. By entering just a couple simple details, such as your screens width or the throw distance, you can discover other key measurements for your particular nec projector and lens. The beauty of a zoom lens is that it provides a range of throw distances in a single lens.

As far as i can tell your options are pay for a projector you dont really want, or is nicely over budget and that gets the throw. Projection calculator pro projector to screen distance. Cctv calculator is a tool designated for camera system basic parameters determination and testing. The calculation is performed for each interchangeable lens appropriate to the selected nec projector. Cctv lens calculator new generation of lens calculators. Throw distance l lens to case d distance from screen edge h distance from floor h distance from ceiling h.

An online wizard for the calculation of the object size can be found in the service area. Focal length calculation enter 2 figures in the column and click calculate. Thin lens equation calculator has been prepared to help you to analyze optical properties of the simple lens. To ensure that shines through, weve created a comprehensive lens selector to guide you through the available options, based on your chosen screen size or throw distance. Drawings can now be edited by dragging on key features with the mouse lens drawing. It lets you measure throw distance and image size for various projectors. For sos, the screen is located at a distance as measured from the front of the lens to the center of the sphere. Mystique install camera calculator mystique install camera calculator. If you already know the projection distance you can optionally filter the respective lens result.

The throw ratio is the the distance or throw distance from the center of the lens to the screen, divided by the width of the screen. Shorter focal lengths provide a wider angle of view, while longer focal lengths give a narrower view angle, allowing you to zoom in on distant objects. Any value can be determined as long as you know at least two of the variables. Our easytouse interactive simulation tool helps av installers and specifiers calculate throw distance and image size for sony professional projectors for installation. Not sure which camera and lens combination would suit your specific circumstance the best. But if there is good reason and major need to go more, we probably can. That means for every half foot of distance the image will be about 1 foot wide. Consult the manufacturers lens charts, use the manufacturers lens calculation software, or use formulas supplied by the video projector manufacturer note that these typically only apply to the particular model of projector you are using. Sharp lens selector is the next free projector calculator software for windows. Projector guide throw distance and positioning epson us.

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