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On a scale of one to ten, id have to give her a two, and thats because i havent seen a one before. Clint eastwood sergio leone dollar trilogy every shot fired. That name alone is almost all it takes to sell a product. He plays a cop again this time, but not a supercop like dirty harry callahan. Ben shockley, an alcoholic cop from phoenix, is well on his way to becoming a downandout when he is given the task to escort witness gus mally from las vegas. Clint eastwood, pat hingle, sondra locke, william prince, bill mckinney, official content from warner home video a police officer is. Death rides a horse classic western feature film, movie in full length full movies for free by grjngo western movies.

A hard but mediocre cop is assigned to escort a prostitute into custody from las vegas to phoenix, so that she can testify in a mob trial. Hes on his own, alcoholic, got a bad attitude, no one thinks much of him, but hes stubborn enough to get the job done, whatever piece of shit job that may be. The films supporting cast includes pat hingle, william prince, bill mckinney, and mara corday. Movie typography from the film the gauntlet 1977, directed by clint eastwood, starring clint eastwood, sondra locke, pat hingle, william prince. Phoenix cop ben shockley is well on his way to becoming a derelict when he is assigned to transport a witness named gus mally from vegas. He rose to international fame with his role as the man with no name in sergio leones dollars trilogy of spaghetti westerns during the 1960s, and as antihero cop harry callahan in the five dirty harry films throughout the 1970s and 1980s. The gauntlet 1977 clint eastwood, sondra locke, pat.

The gauntlet 2005 stream and watch online moviefone. Lowther strikes up a friendship with his captor butch haynes kevin costner. Gus is a beautiful but coarse call girl who claims to have. Ben is assigned to escort tough vegas hooker gus mally sondra locke to phoenix for a mob trial because, he thinks, he always gets the job done. Super boxoffice champ and oscarwinner clint eastwood unforgiven, million dollar baby directs and stars as a tough but nonetooclever cop ordered to las vegas to bring back a key witness, who turns out to be beautiful hooker sondra locke sudden impact, and both end up on the run from corrupt. It tells a cheerfully preposterous story with great energy and a lot of style, and nobody seems more at home in this sort of action movie than eastwood. After watching clint eastwoods true crime for the first time, i didnt what to think of it, so i get it another chance. The normally routine exercise of escorting a witness, prostitute gus mally sondra locke, from las vegas to phoenix to testify at trial becomes a race for survival for. The gentle good humour pervading bronco billy 1980 was far removed from the mayhem. The gauntlet full movie watch online, stream or download chili. Find films and movies featuring clint eastwood on allmovie. A cop who has seen better days, hardliving ben shockley clint eastwood is recruited to escort augustina gus mally sondra locke, a key witness in a mob trial, from las vegas to phoenix.

Ben shockley is a burnt out cop sent to pick up a nothing witness for a nothing trial. In a major role reversal, clint eastwood stars in the gauntlet as a person who might be on the receiving end of the violence epitomized in his famed dirty harry film series. Charles bronson action film free western movie full length english hd. Dirty harry is set in san francisco, the gauntlet is set in arizona. The gauntlet is a 1977 american action thriller film directed by clint eastwood, starring eastwood and sondra locke. Clint eastwood rousting the bikers in the gauntlet 1977 steve saragossi. Well,the nothing trial unbeknown to shockley is closer to home than he knows. But a lot of people are literally betting that they wont make it into town alive. Clint eastwood classsic westerns movies full english s. He had a comfortable, middleclass upbringing in nearby piedmont. The gauntlet 1977 clint eastwood releases allmovie. Sondra locke in the gauntlet 1977 clint eastwood and sondra locke in the. The gauntlet sees eastwood the lone cop hired to collect and bring in a potential witness. The film also stars sondra locke, pat hingle, william prince, bill mckinney, and longtime personal friend mara corday who would appear with eastwood in another three films.

Phoenix cop ben shockleys dream of breaking the big case has faded over time. Clint eastwood classsic westerns movies full english. Clint eastwood rousting the bikers in the gauntlet 1977. Read the gauntlet movie quotes and dialogues from all english movies. Here is clint, 72 years old, and actually doing the right thing. The gauntlet is a 1977 action film directed by and starring clint eastwood. The gauntlet 1977 scene with clint eastwood and sondra locke duration. Mally turns out to be a belligerent prostitute with mob ties and incriminating information regarding a highplaced figure. Clint eastwood runs the gauntlet into an explosive movie embodying its title with a vengeance. Clint eastwood was born may 31, 1930 in san francisco, the son of clinton eastwood sr.

The gauntlet manufactured on demand, full frame, amaray. With clint eastwood, sondra locke, pat hingle, william prince. The gauntlet by clint eastwood, sondra locke, pat hingle. Prince, who is told by eastwood that he is coming, sets up an incredible police gauntlet, hundreds of cops who riddle the bus as it roars into the city. Find out which clint eastwood movie is the best of all time and which is the worst. The gauntlet 1977 br rip 1080p movies torrents umeshwar prasad. I will say that i am a big clint eastwood fan but notice that his many films have. If you only ever watch one clint eastwood movie in your life this is it. I remember watching this when i was young, like most of the shows and movies i have chosen to purchase over the years. Find release information for the gauntlet 1977 clint eastwood on allmovie.

Clint eastwoods 20th feature directed and starring himself, blood work, is a good sign in times of recent thriller drek. Free western movie english action movie full cowboy film. This was the first movie collaboration between eastwood and the late sondra locke she would go onto starring in some of eastwoods best movies including the outlaw josey wales. His assignment to escort from las vegas a nothing witness for a nothing trial seems like another meaningless exercise.

Listen as clint eastwood talks candidly about his thoughts on making this film and what influenced him through the filming. Clint eastwood finally appeared in public with his secret child. Yuma 1971 western full movie starring clint walker by western mania. But corrupt commissioner blakelock william prince chose alcoholic ben precisely because ben does not get much done.

Eastwood plays a downandout cop who falls in love with a prostitute locke whom he is assigned to escort from las vegas to phoenix in order for her to testify against the mob. Clint eastwood is on top form in this movie, both clint and sondra locke work well. The witness is a hardened hooker sondra locke whom. The gauntlet 1977 clint eastwood, sondra locke, pat hingle. Playing police stooge ben shockley, clint eastwood sends up his dirty harryness in this 1977 cop filmaction movie romantic comedy. In addition to working well as an eastwood actioner, the gauntlet should probably serve as ground zero for any study of his films attitude toward women. Find similar and related movies for the gauntlet 1977 clint eastwood on allmovie. From hell to texas 1958 full length western movie by best western movies. This time around its to get a witness from las vegas to phoenix for trial. Clint eastwood is the man in the middle of the gauntlet. The gauntlet 1977 watch hot english movies free online. Many people mistake the gauntlet as one of the dirty harry movies. But a lot of people are literally betting that they wont make it.

Eastwood went on to make the gauntlet 1977, a kinetic but formulaic action film in which he played a police detective trying to transport a witness sondra locke to an arizona courthouse where she can testify. Eastwoods hardliving, successstarved cop begins the film as an unrepentant sexist, but after being saddled with an antagonistlove interest sondra locke, who more than holds her own against him, he leaves the film with an adjusted attitude. The gauntlet movie quotes famous quotes of the gauntlet. Clint eastwood stars as ben shockley, a gruff, tough maverick cop natch. Released july 24th, 2005, the gauntlet stars clint eastwood, sondra locke, pat hingle, william prince the r movie has a runtime of about 1 hr 49 min, and received a score of 59 out of 100 on.

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