Nnnnnnew york 2012 olympic bid book

Sochi 2014 olympic winter games 26 documents in 5 categories 2016. The new york times in print for sunday, may 24, 2020 the. Amy hoped that they had created an olympic bid book that embodied the heart and soul of new york citys olympic. The senior bloomberg aide who tried unsuccessfully to bring the 2012 olympics to new york seems to hold. An advertising book for the olympic committee by nyc. In new york, for example, the hudson yards redevelopment plan for manhattans west side, crucial to new york s bid for. New york city nyc2012, the committee leading new yorks bid to be the u. A massive plan to attract the 2012 summer olympics to new york, touting the. Londons bid to host the olympic games in 2012 1 introduction 1. The new york city 2012 olympic bid was one of the five shortlisted bids for the 2012 summer olympics, ultimately won by london. Nine cities submitting bids to host the 2012 summer olympics and 2012 summer paralympics were recognised by the international olympic committee ioc. Leading up to the 2024 host city election, we pay attention to olympic bids from the past. The new york city 2012 olympic bid was one of the five shortlisted bids for the 2012 summer olympics, ultimately won by london new york citys olympic bid was managed by a private nonprofit organization, nyc2012, founded by daniel l. Seven years ago, london defeated new york citys bid to host the.

The system primarily included event graphics and all 33 sport pictograms which were prominently featured in the 3volume olympic bid book and extended to nyc2012 communications, vehicle wraps, merchandise and promotional items. This short film was presented by mayor bloomberg, hillary clinton and henry kissinger to the olympic committee in 2006, as part of nycs 2012 olympic bid. Nyc2012 new york 2012 olympic bid olympic x plan youtube. As lead designer i was responsible for designing the look of the games for new york citys 2012 summer olympic bid. Nyc2012 releases highlights of bid book submitted to u. New yorks 562page bid book promised unprecedented ticket capacity, a possible selling point following the sparsely attended athens games. Doctoroff thought of bringing the olympic games to new york after. He presented the 562page bid book to the press at nyc2012. It was new york citys first bid to host an olympics and was managed by daniel doctoroff and his private nonprofit organization, nyc2012. London 2012 olympic games 27 documents in 5 categories 2014. Olympic bid, though unsuccessful, helped the city, its champion says. The committee shortlisted five of themlondon, madrid, moscow, new york city, and parisfrom which london eventually prevailed. Candidate city for the olympic games in 2012, today.

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