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Cardsaver is the industrypreferred voip based billing software for prepaid calling services. Software platform for calling cards, pinless dialing and callback services. Astbill is a web based billing, routing and management software for asterisk and voip running on linux and mysql. Voipswitchs billing system is both flexible and sophisticated and it provide. Variphy is the preferred analytics platform for cisco collaboration. For specific calling card rules and regulations, please see the phone card detail page. Advanced calling card billing features include call tracking call logging, expiration date, rechargeable cards, refillable cards, autorecharge, and balance transfer many calling cards phone cards have. Ivr technologies and grandstream networks complete sip interoperability testing for prepaid calling card services and realtime billing. They are perfect solutions for any telecom company intending to provide voice over ip, calling card and callback services, also did phone number resale. Voip billing software, voip billing solutions, hosted voip main users of our services and software is phone to phone and pc to phone providers using sip or h. Data tech labs radiusbased voip billing solutions, prepaid, calling cards. With our guaranteed quality prepaid phone cards and lowest rate calling cards you can save up to 90% on your. Astbill provides pre and post paid billing services and have a calling card module.

Starting a calling card business colocation america. Cellphone and mobile autodiallers can be supported. Cloudbased telecommunications solution that helps businesses manage call logging, billing. Pecs calling card solution is custom designed, user friendly with precise specifications for every individual business. A unique set of features, complemented by convenient administration tools and proven reliability architecture portaswitch. Ivr technologies, a software developer for ip enhanced services. There are hundreds of choices when it comes to prepaid calling card billing software. You can see all rates and billing information all in your local currency. Mark of excellent prepaid calling card billing software. This solution provides also a realtime payment database for tracking, viewing and editing payments entered into the system. International phone cards phone calling card software calling.

Unlike other telecom companies, we provide most addons at no additional cost. The quickest and most efficient way to get help is to activate the callista support calling card on your desktop. A2billing provides both pin based authentication and pinless dialling, with a range of useful functions for calling card customers including auto cid caller id assignment, automatic signup and voucher refills. Callingcardplus is a leading source for international phone cards and prepaid calling cards. A2billing is a voip billing software licensed under the agpl3. By collaborating with the cisco uc community, our mission is to create the most powerful and complete. A unique set of features, complemented by convenient administration tools and. A2billing is a class 4 5 softswitch with inline billing, designed for providing residential, business and wholesale voip services, calling cards and callback.

Pecbilling offers calling card startup package, pinless startup package, call back startup package, call shop startup package, offer mobile top up, offer call forwarding, offer wholesale billing, offer direct. When people are away from home they need a solution to call their friends or family on a cheap rate, because mobile roaming is an expensive thing. The billing process is running on lower priority threads. When researching different companies to get your platform from ask what type of calling cards it supports. Password recovery we will send you link for reset password. Selling voip calling cards basically means buying software class 5 softswitch server with calling cards software, also called a calling cards platform and wholesale. To run a calling card business, it is very important to manage all entities accurately and keep the billing process fast and accurate. You can now setup a phone service for them so they can make cheap international phone calls.

Calling card solution calling card platform prepaid. The calling cards software or platform can be either part of or an addition to the class 5 softswitch. Use this to implement prepaid calling cards and virtual calling cards in your asterisk system. Prepaid calling cards clients receive service precisely for the prepaid card amount the system keeps track of the customer account balance, reducing it according to service usage. We offer a software platform for calling cards, called voipswitch, which allows you. The eyebill client monitor allows prepaid calling card owners to view detailed information of their call history and remaining balance. Get accurate billing and view intelligent performance reporting that will help you make. To figure out what to charge you for each call, your calling card vendor uses your actual talk time in combination with the card s billing increment to calculate billed time. Voip billing software, class 5 softswitch, itsp voip billing. This open source solution has lifted itself up from a mere voip.

Since, calling card services are very popular throughout the world among business of mostly medium size and a2billing offers a. What is the best voip billing software for callshops with possibility. The eventual fate of worldwide telecom will see payphones getting to be out of date over the timeframe. The calling cards software will ensure the smooth running of your business. A2billing is a complete solution for any telecoms company wanting to provide residential, business and wholesale voice over ip, calling card services, callback and did telephone number resale. Voip billing software for prepaid calling cards services eyebill. Calling card services is still one of the best ways to allow people to make low cost. The second most important thing is an integrated billing.

Voip softswitch vox switch is a smart voip software that provides call management, gateways management, billing, and advanced routing functions. Calling card billing increments about calling cards. Avotus combines its big data capture and reporting. The pinless dialing and callback services have always been in demand. Astpp, being one of the most powerful voip billing software, thrives to benefit its users by providing a comprehensive telephony solution.

Pcbased reliable, comprehensive call accounting and billing solution. Below are the general usage rules for our calling cards. With its userfriendly, yet powerful functionality, cardsaver is the industrypreferred billing software for prepaid calling services. Download asterisk prepaid billing application for free. Indeed, the average reported loss to a regular customer is. Prepaid card ivr and realtime billing pinless dialing portaswitch. Voip billing software for prepaid calling cards services. Another way is utilizing special software for pin codes distribution instead of calling cards printing. A preconceived notion most people have about starting a prepaid calling card business is that most people already have cell phones so calling cards would not be a. Calling cards, phone cards, prepaid phone card, prepaid. Advancedvoip voip billing solution and softwares including sip softswitch,calling cards solution,ip pbx solution,callback software,sip server, radius server,ivr system, lcr least cost router,voip. International phone cards phone calling card software. Pecs calling card solution is custom designed with precise specifications for every individual business.

Prepaid card ivr and realtime billing pinless dialing. Ivr technologies and grandstream networks complete sip. Cardsaver is the industrypreferred voip based billing software for prepaid calling. Cardsaver allows both startup and experienced prepaid companies to offer prepaid calling card and pinless services to their customers.

Global software provider of billing and customer care solutions for the nextgen ip telecommunications services voip, broadband, triple play, ip centrex. Calling card software free download calling card top 4. In short, calling cards do not live up to their billing, with wide range reports of people not receiving the amount of call time they had paid for. The only telecom billing software system integrated with radius manager. Calling card software, calling card solution, callback platform. So it is very easy to manage the billing, clients and call related information. It is a great idea, before starting your business, to attend a prepaid trade. With its userfriendly, yet powerful functionality, cardsaver is the industry preferred billing software for prepaid calling services. Looking for an ideal calling card solution for your voip business. A2billing is free and open source software for asterisk, providing telecoms customer management including admin, agent, customer and online signup pages, with flexible inline rating and billing of calls and services in realtime. For much of the population, cell phones have taken away the need for this product.

Enhanced billing software with our calling card platform, billing is integrated with softswitch. These days, the way of life of calling cards both national and universal is getting. A single calling card can be used to support both voice and internet services. Callista support calling card is a free software and it saves you a phone call. You will automatically go into the support queue and the help desk will be able to get remote access into your system and fix whatever problems you have. The a2billing switch is a full featured phonecard and calling card platform with flexibility to create a range of phonecard products and services and can be installed on a single server. Calling card and phonecard services are very popular around the world allowing people to make. Calling card billing software free software downloads. Each time a calling card is purchase and minutes are added into the account, the.

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